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Aerating a pond is critical to keep away mosquitoes, bacteria, mold, and odors. That beautiful feature that increases property value and is enjoyed by the whole family will quickly turn into a foul-smelling death trap without movement and extra oxygen. pond aerator pump of system is a diffused system that aerates from the bottom of the pond. This provides movement throughout the entire space while retaining a peaceful and calm presence on the surface.

Ways to Diffuse

A simple system includes tubing, the motor and casing, and a cord to plug into the outlet. Deluxe models, used for large and deep ponds, include a built-in cooling fan and customized locked cabinet. A shallow pond system is fine for ponds less than five-feet deep. These all run on electricity with the shallow diffused system being the most energy-efficient.

Green Alternatives

Some pond aerators and fountains utilize no electricity at all. These are in the forms of windmills and solar panels. Kits are offered to assemble the environmentally-friendly products. Clear instructions and everything needed arrive in the packaging. large pond aerator system is off-set by the savings in electricity bills over time.

Oxygen surface aerators move large amounts of water quickly to add high levels of oxygen into ponds that are less than five-feet deep. These look like giant fountains on the surface and add to the aesthetics of the pond. Windmills also add decoration while aerating ponds. pond fountains can browse Living Water Aeration for a massive selection of aerators.

No Room for a Pond?

If the property is too small for a pond, there are other water features that will fit in the space. Small statuary fountains can be placed just about anywhere. These are often found inside homes as well. Fire features in a fountain are stunning to behold. Flames on the water surface is a cool sight that will delight and fascinate family and friends.

Flair can be added to fountains by adding underwater lighting or surface lights that appear to change the color of the water. There are many designs and decorations available for fountains. Elegant water sprays, ornate stands, and bases can be found with fairies, mermaids, classic scrolls, marine life, and dragons, among others. Go to LivingWaterAeration.com/pond-aerator/ to find products that will accommodate budgets and preferences.

Additional Products

Waterfall design kits are offered, as are replacement parts and accessories. Additives for fish ponds are available to keep koi and goldfish healthy. Selection assistance is provided via telephone, live web-chat, or email for those with questions or people in need of guidance.

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